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Please note that Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance is at present out of print.
A third edition is in preparation

Clavichord tuning and maintenanceThis is a practical handbook for every clavichord player, amateur or professional; written in a conversational style, it assumes no previous knowledge or experience. Every aspect of caring for a clavichord is covered, including: how to prepare the instrument for tuning; how to choose and set a temperament by ear or machine; how to hear beats; how to tune and check octaves; how to replace broken strings; how to deal with sticking keys and extraneous noise; and where to obtain tools and supplies. The theory and history of temperament are explained in plain language without any complex mathematics, and twenty detailed schemes for tuning various temperaments are presented, including special schemes for fretted clavichords. There is a comprehensive glossary of technical terms.

The first edition, which appeared in 2007, was based on a series of articles published in the British Clavichord Society Newsletter between 1995 and 2001. In this second edition, the whole text has been carefully revised. Some minor errors have been corrected, and a few additional comments, suggested by experience, have been added; one tuning scheme has been completely revised; the bibliography and the information on suppliers of materials and equipment have been brought up to date.

The author, Peter Bavington, has been making and caring for keyboard instruments for over twenty-five years, and recently he has concentrated exclusively on the clavichord. He has worked as a professional tuner, and has taught tuning to classes and individual pupils. He also has a wide experience of repairing and regulating clavichords, and knows pretty well every kind of trouble they can get into: experience which he draws on in this book. He lives and works in London.

Softback, 232 × 160 mm; 224 pages; numerous illustrations, diagrams and tables
ISBN 978–0–9555590–2–0

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