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[book cover: Vocal Traditions in Conflict] NEW: Vocal Traditions in Conflict

by Richard Bethell

Classical singers today are taught to use a permanent wide vibrato, with forceful production of high notes and a plummy low larynx position. Drawing on copious evidence from contemporary treatises and accounts of named singers – including castrati – Richard Bethell shows that eighteenth-century tradition was the opposite of this in almost every respect. For the works of Rossini and anything earlier, this modern ‘opera-house’ style is utterly inappropriate. [more about this book].

Published by Peacock Press. Softback, 398 pages. ISBN 978–1–912271–49–8

Price: £25.00 plus post & packing.

[book cover: The Mirror of Human Life] The Mirror of Human Life

by Jane Clark and Derek Connon

A handbook to François Couperin’s harpsichord pieces, with explorations of the social, literary and theatrical worlds from which he drew so much of his inspiration. This is a second, revised edition of the book first published by King’s Music in 2002, incorporating the latest research and including a new essay by Jane Clark on the architecture of the Ordres [more about this book].

Softback, 224 pages. ISBN 978–0–9555590–3–7

Price: £14.50 plus post & packing.

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Polish edition: click here

[book cover: Five London Piano Makers] Five London Piano Makers
Brinsmead, Challen, Collard, Danemann, Welmar

by Alastair Laurence

The artistic, technical and commercial aspects of piano making, illustrated by the histories of five famous firms: with biographies of the colourful characters who created them, and anecdotes from the factory floor [more about this book]. For a sequel, scroll down to the next item.

Softback, 136 pages. ISBN 978–0–9555590–1–3

This book is officially out of print, but we have a few last copies available, price £15.00 plus post & packing

[book cover: More London Piano Makers] More London Piano Makers
Eavestaff, Rogers, Squire, Knight, Chappell, Hopkinson

by Alastair Laurence

This is a sequel to Five London Piano Makers by the same author (see above), with histories of six more piano-making firms, presenting a picture of a bustling craft industry based in the streets around Camden Town in North London [more about this book].

Softback, 144 pages. ISBN 978–0–9555590–4–4

Price: £15.00 plus post & packing

[book cover: The Hubert Clavichord Data Book] The Hubert Clavichord Data Book

by Koen Vermeij

A study of all eighteen surviving clavichords made by Christian Gottlob Hubert (1714–1793), illustrated with over 700 photos and comprehensive descriptions of each instrument. New edition, published by Keyword Press [more about this book].

Hardback, 304 pages. ISBN 978–0–9555590–5–1

Price: £90.00 plus post & packing.

[book cover: Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance] Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance
by Peter Bavington

The indispensable guide for all clavichord owners, amateur or professional. [more about this book].

Softback, 224 pages. ISBN 978–0–9555590–2–0


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