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[book cover: The Mirror of Human Life] The Mirror of Human Life

by Jane Clark and Derek Connon

A handbook to François Couperin’s harpsichord pieces …


[book cover: Five London Piano Makers] Five London Piano Makers

by Alastair Laurence

The artistic, technical and commercial aspects of piano making, illustrated by the histories of five famous firms …

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[book cover: More London Piano Makers] More London Piano Makers

by Alastair Laurence

The sequel to Five London Piano Makers, with histories of six more piano-making firms …


[book cover: The Hubert Clavichord Data Book] The Hubert Clavichord Data Book

by Koen Vermeij

A study of all 18 surviving clavichords made by C. G. Hubert, with over 700 photos …


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